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Self-Help, Dating, Sci-Fi Writer and Futurist

Hello, I'm Michael Pilinski and I'd like to thank you for taking a moment to check out my humble, mini-library of books (kindle, paperback and audio formats).

I started out as a non-fiction writer in the men's dating genre and became most noted for a book that I published in 2002 called Without Embarrassment, which I am proud to say was one of the very first internet dating guides available back then. Although it was marketed as a "pick-up girls"-style book, it's really more about overcoming social awkwardness and fear of rejection and all those other nasty mental roadblocks that stop men from meeting the truly great women that they desire. Despite all the social changes that have happened since then, I think it's still very much relevant and useful today in this age of Tinder and "swiping right" and quick hookups... maybe even more so than ever before. After all, we still need a fun, open and interesting personality to get someone interested in us romantically, right? (I hope so!)

Since then, I've written several books on a variety of topics as you can see below, but I am especially proud of my High Value Female Empowerment Series, which is a collection of 3 books that are designed to show women how they can turn themselves into a total "home run" for any guy whose attention and heart they wish to capture. No more "wishing and hoping" for Mr. Right to come wandering into your life... now you can go out and get him! And have a ton of fun doing it... all while living "the adventure"!

And also, please take a look at Madison's Curse -- Book 1 in my new modern-day paranormal romance series... verrrrrry spooky!*


Coming Soon...

Now, this is going to be good. My brand new 'in-the-works' series of Synthetic Doom non-fiction books is something that I'm very excited to be working on. This will be an on going series of kindle short reads (90 minutes reading time or less) that will explore the dark side of the dozens of new and potentially deadly super-technologies that are going to be leaving the labs and turning all our lives upside down very soon (a few decades at most).

I'm talking about:

...artificial intelligence surpassing human minds and taking away all our jobs, fully articulated androids infiltrating the physical world and changing human society forever, nanotechnology run amuck, economic collapse and restructuring of capitalism for the new robot order, genetically-engineered designer babies and cloned super-armies, sexbots replacing human sex and causing widespread destruction of romantic relationships, transhumans melding their consciousness with and into AI machine systems, mega-human life extension exclusively for the wealthy and powerful...

...Or how about the ultimate suicide bomb: rouge states or terrorists releasing runaway self-replicating nanites in an effort to bury the entire planet in "grey goo" and kill everything? Or maybe just instigating somehow the synthetic extermination of all "worthless" humans by totalitarian regimes (in dozens of radical new and terrifying ways never before thought possible?)

...Finally, how about the worldwide collapse of religion -- paralleled by the rise of the "Artilect" (Artificial Intellect: a machine super-intelligence surpassing all combined human minds by a factor of 10x) -- now worshipped as a superior-thinking GOD among us (churning its inscrutable super-thoughts about us all at incomprehensible tera-flop speeds...).

In other words, fun & light reading. And packaged as quickie little short reads -- which are more like comics or magazine articles than lengthy books. It's going to be my new format going forward with this project. Book One should be out by the fall of 2018.

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Non-Fiction Titles

The High Value Female Empowerment Series...



Do you ever feel invisible around men?... especially the sort of men that you would really like to get to know? Instead of having cute guys lavishing their attention on you, they hardly notice you're in the room? Believe it or not, this frustrating sense of being overlooked isn't the result of "who you are" or what you actually look like, but rather, what sort of VIBE you are giving off about yourself in the presence of attractive men.

'How to Become Universally Attractive to Men' will show you how to become more outgoing around men, more relaxed, and especially... more able to turn up the heat whenever you choose! Attraction is all about sending subtle signals of interest and permission. But it's even more than that: when you lock eyes with a man in that first delicious moment of romantic discovery, you will suddenly understand that - for a woman - attractiveness equals total power!

For the Kindle

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Bedroom issues? No problem. I don't care how jaded your guy may have become about sex, even after watching thousands of hours of porn, he simply DOES NOT stand a chance once you unleash the full and awesome FEMALE seductive power that you will learn about in my new book.

How To Become Sexually Irresistible To Men is going to blow your mind with dozens of heart-stopping, female-empowering sexual techniques that I'll bet you never ever dreamed of in your nastiest fantasies!

These are skills that will absolutely stagger your man - ANY man - with ecstasy. It will make him blind with lust and in the end, leave him profoundly in love... with YOU!

For the Kindle    (Adult content)



If you would like to:

1) catch an approving eye wherever you go...
2) present yourself with class and dignity at all times... or
3) maybe just develop a really sexy, man-baiting "Super-Hot Thing" about yourself...

Then this is the book for you!

But wait, you might also be interested in learning about the perfect opening romantic move to make around any man, or discover the five most mind-blowing ways to signal cute guys with your high heels. Hmmmm.

The Complete High Value Female Guidebook will demonstrate just how easy it can be to "level up" to the highest degree of feminine allure, sexuality and relationship power -- and do it all with a smile. Your time has arrived girl...

And you're gonna love it!

For the Kindle

"There's just nothing but good advice in this series of books. It's a mixture of spiritual and emotional guide, introducing concepts as awareness and self worth. With fun steamy tricks to try and feel empowered and sexy! It's empowering and just fun to read!!! I love the idea of being high value as a woman and couldn't find any real useful information out there." JustMe

HVF boxset

**NEW** All 3 High Value Female Empowerment titles are now available as a boxed-set in a single download at 40% Savings.

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high value female

Also take a look at the High Value Female Blog for some great free articles on dating, socializing and attracting Mr. Right...

Men's Dating



My original classic from a decade ago, Without Embarrassment: The Social Coward's Totally Fearless Seduction System is still one of the best and most relevant books on meeting women out there today. It stands the test of time because - although social rules may have changed somewhat due to technology - the fears and insecurities in the human heart can still continue to cause us trouble... especially when it comes to being able to step up and make first contact with the girls that capture our attention and fuel our desires.

I cover all topics when it comes to meeting and dating girls -- from how to talk to them in a way that gives you real masculine juice... to overcoming the rejection fears that are stopping you from making that all-important first move. If you're single and having dating issues, you NEED to read this book. Period!

For the Kindle         (Also in Paperback)



Capturing a woman's romantic interest can be an iffy proposition for a man, even in the best of circumstances. It requires a careful blending of all the correct signaling moves, and depends on the woman giving the guy the "green light" because she's interested and intrigued by those moves, rather than turned off by them. Not easy.

So when it comes to seduction, it's all about getting that perfect combination of attitude and appearance, what I call the male display, working just right for you. In my latest men's dating guide: She's Yours For The Taking, I lay out a collection of strategies designed to entice women into your world by feeding them all the specific romantic signals that they crave, whenever you want to. Remember, it's always easier to score when you've been invited to come play!

For the Kindle         (Also in Paperback)



Did you ever wonder if it was possible to create your very own female pleasure-bot? I'm talking about a woman so devoted to your sexual skills and to the emotional fantasy world that you've created for her that she forms a sexual addiction to you that she simply cannot control?

Well, I think so. You see, it's all just a matter of drawing a psychological web of charm and intrigue around the girl you're after, and then slowly closing the circle of lust. My latest dating guide, How to Seduce a Woman, presents a detailed 5 step process that demonstrates exactly how any guy can create a sexually explosive relationship for himself that satisfies his every whim and desire.

For the Kindle         (Also in Paperback)



Take this fun and enlightening 20 question pick-up artist aptitude test on your Kindle and immediately get a reading on just what sort of romantic impression you are making on women... hot or not! Ponder the questions, click the answer links and pile up the points and discover just where your current PUA "aptitude" lies.

This book is more than just a mindless way to kill time at the airport. I break down and analyze each of the 20 questions in detail and show you exactly where your game might be weak and what to do about it. There's great training, which continues in the Q&A Bonus Discussion, transcribed from a Blog Talk Radio interview that I did recently.

So take the Test and find out if your Male Status Quotient is up to par or not... and what to do about it.

Deep Discounted Kindle Edition: Only $0.99 cents


masterful social skills for men

My new multimedia social skills training program (17 video lessons, 2 hours total) is now posted up at Udemy.com

Masterful Social Skills For Men is a complete confidence-building experience for guys who want to have a structured socializing routine all loaded-up in their heads and ready to go at a moment's notice whenever they encounter an attractive woman. This would be anywhere and everywhere that you happen to run into them -- at work, in the gym, the classroom, etc. In other words, it works anywhere.

These videos will also show you how to handle the internal issues that have been driving your fear of rejection problems. Very soon you will be creating all the romantic excitement that you can possibly handle through your own, proactive actions. ...No more waiting around for blind luck to strike!

Video / Audio / Multimedia program



This classic relationship guide for men, The Three Keys To Seducing Any Woman is an introduction to dating author Mike Pilinski's proven techniques for breaking the embarrassing grip of rejection fear, shyness, and any other sort of general lack of confidence around women:

Key #1: Fear Management... Insights, solutions and psychological work-arounds designed to eliminate the types of socializing issues that introverted men deal with in shameful silence.

Key #2: Knowing How to Act Around Women... Developing subtle behaviors that send signals of attraction to women giving you that all-important "edge" that gets them interested in you as a potential romantic partner, rather than as a friend.

Key #3: Projecting a Dominant Male Attitude... The most important key! Discover the 7 attributes of the High Status (alpha) Male that triggers the mating instinct in women, feelings that comprise the basis of female sexual attraction.

In this legacy short book originally published as a bonus for his early buyers, Mike explains the basics of how to break through the miserable social phobias and romantic screw-ups that rob far too many men of their best chances to find love and respect. Threekeys delivers more enlightenment about what could be killing your love life than many of expensive guides and courses that sometimes cost hundreds of dollars. In this 2018 updated 3K edition, Mike also makes an effort to reach out to the so-called "incels" who have become lost in their loneliness and misguided hatred and give them some rational hope.

Cheap!... Only .99 cents for the Kindle!




   (...Published under my romance pen name, 'Jules Jenni')

The tormented spirit of Margaret Jones, a rugged colonial housewife unjustly executed in pre-revolutionary New England for witchcraft and necromancy, reaches through the fog of time to enlist Boston working girl Madison Meyers as her unwitting instrument of modern day revenge. Using a wiccan fan blog as a 21st century Ouija board, the witch targets the living descendant of one of the men who long ago tightened the noose around her neck...

...a man who now happens to be Madison's wealthy new boyfriend, Jon.

Sexy, modern romance with a psychological horror theme.

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In the 1990's, I wrote a sci-fi thriller based upon an idea known today as the transhuman or enhanced human movement. It's this notion that combining humans and machines together into an electronic hybrid intelligence will soon be possible. Reality is poised to outstrip fiction once again it seems as this melding of machine and biology is likely no more than a decade away, and in some ways has already begun.

In this particular story, Justin Garret, critically injured in a skydiving accident, undergoes an experimental procedure to preserve his mental essence by replicating his entire consciousness into a powerful, top-secret government AI computer system. After the coding and transfer, Justin reawakens to discover that he's become "electro-conscious" - a disembodied, free-roaming mindcopy able to explore the realm of the dead (the Necrosphere) at will... and then return to describe what he finds in frightening detail. The plot of The Necronaut includes some unusual romance, a touch of eroticism, a double-crossing cold war spy agency, and of course, a couple of obsessed rouge scientists. Sci-fi noir!

Check it out

"The is an excellently written, fast paced story that works to unravel current scientific understanding with spiritual consciousness and how the two might be intertwined. If Wilhelm Reich was still alive, he would be a character in Pilinski's novel. The repeated unfolding of new ideas, and the way they tie in conceptually is well thought out, and very fun to watch unravel. The are a number of surprising twists with great foreshadowing (just enough to spark an idea, not enough to give away too much). Having been a Sci-Fi reader and fan for over three decades, this book was a new favorite before I was half-way through." D.E. Brown


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